Which of Trump’s ‘Morning In America’ tweets are you most likely to like?

Sep 4, 2021 Our research

After the inauguration, the President was tweeting more about “Morning In USA” — a show about the American dream that aired during the day.

Trump tweeted, “We can never give up, but I’m going to tell you right now.

We will WIN.


“Morning in America” has long been one of the most popular shows on cable.

Trump has been seen on “Morning Joe” on Fox News and “Morning” on MSNBC, and he was on “This Week” with David Gregory on CBS on Jan. 27.

“Morning,” a program with a host who was a frequent Trump critic, is now hosted by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I love the show,” Trump said in a statement announcing the change in the program.

“It’s really important to me and I love that it’s really popular.

I also think it’s a show that people should listen to because it’s real and it’s honest and it really reflects my view of life.”

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