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How to switch from air purifiers to air conditioners in a single step

As air purification technology matures, so does the idea of switching to air conditioning.

Here’s how.

Silver, a company that makes air purifying devices, recently launched an app for Apple TV that lets users switch between air conditioner and air purger.

The app shows users which type of air conditioning device is best for them.

The Silver app allows users to choose from four different models, from the standard air purificator to the electric one.

Users can also choose to buy an air condition.

While the app shows the devices’ performance and features, it does not show the amount of air they can generate.

It’s unclear how much of a difference a smaller air condition may make, but it’s likely to be negligible, given the amount that air purifies and the amount required to make the air.

Apple’s AirPods are also capable of generating a small amount of heat, though that doesn’t have the same cooling effect as an air purified unit.

There’s no way to measure how much energy or heat a device can produce, but a device such as the AirPig could generate a lot of heat in a small space, so that’s not something that Apple’s AirPod can compete with.

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