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Water purifier makes water more drinkable

A new water purification system in India has created more water in a single shot than a standard fountain fountain, according to a new study. 

The study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science, which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, found that water purifiers could reduce water consumption by a quarter in some cities and by an additional 25% in others.

The water purifying technology uses bacteria that break down salt into hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, which are then delivered to the surface of the water.

The result is a much more pure, less salty water that can be consumed by consumers, researchers say. 

Researchers measured the water use of three cities in India, including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, with different water purifications using a combination of water purified and filtered water. 

While the water consumption from the purified water was not significantly lower than that from filtered water, the filtered water consumed twice as much water per unit volume than the purified.

In some cases, the purification made a significant difference, the researchers said. 

“We found that for all cities, a water purificator made a difference of 25% on the consumption of water compared to the filtered system,” said Katarzyna Borysiuk, a doctoral student in water purifiaty at the IISc, who was not involved in the study.

“For the cities that had both filtered and purified water, it was around 70% less water consumption than the purifying system.

This is very important, because it means that in the cities where water consumption is higher, a filter is required to reduce the water intake,” she told BBC News. 

Borysiuks study looked at how much water was produced by different kinds of water, and showed that water produced by a filter could actually be more effective in reducing water consumption in some parts of the country. 

Water produced by the filter could be used to irrigate crops and provide drinking water, she said.

The findings have prompted a call for a water management system in all parts of India, especially in rural areas, to reduce water usage and provide a healthier lifestyle.

The study also found that there were many ways to reduce consumption of the purified and filtered systems, including using recycled water to purify the water in taps and washing machines, using the purified tap water to make tap water, or even using purified water to flush toilets. 

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