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How to disable the Android apps and apps that collect your location and personal data?

In India, it is common for the police to collect data on every device that is connected to the internet, from phones to tablets to laptops.

However, there are some apps that use this data to make their business even better.

Here’s how to disable them.

What do I need to do to disable a specific app?1.

You must be logged into an Android device running Android OS.2.

Select Settings from the home screen of your device.3.

Tap Security, then Apps.4.

Under Privacy, tap Manage and then Remove.5.

Under the ‘Apps’ section, tap the app you want to remove.6.

Under ‘Disabling apps’, tap Disable.

How do I disable the apps that track my location?1) Go to the Settings menu on your device and tap Privacy and Security.2) Scroll down to the ‘Privacy’ section and tap Managed Settings.3) Under ‘Your location’, tap ‘Turn off location data’.

How do you disable the app that collects your location data?1).

Go to your device’s Settings menu.2).

Under Privacy and security, tap Location and then Managed.3).

Under ‘Apps’, tap Manages.

How does the app collecting location data track my habits?1), Go to Google Play Store and search for the app or use the app on the web.2), Go into the app and tap ‘Find me’.3), Go back into the search bar and tap on the search result.4), Find the app, tap on its location, and tap the ‘Stop’ button.

What happens when I install an app that uses my location to make a profit?1)- You will see an ‘Install this app to collect my location data’ pop-up, and you can delete the app.2)- You can uninstall the app by visiting the app’s settings menu and deleting it.3)- You may have to delete the data collection from the Google Play store, and from the web to uninstall it.4)- The app will still be able to track you when you are on the go.5)- The data collection is still available on the app store, even though it is disabled.

The apps you can disable are:- A.

Akshay Kumar’s app, AkshaySankar, which tracks your location in real-time and displays it in real time in the app drawer.


Anime and Manga app, a tool that lets you browse manga from any device and upload your own scans and reviews.


Aurora Mobile app, which lets you scan photos, and send them to friends.


Advertising app, an app which tracks ads and lets you know when and where they appear.


Empyrean app, with a view of your health, and lets your health track your progress.


Granular Mobile, which helps you to manage your finances and manage finances with Google Payments.


Home, a free app that helps you check on your home network and other apps on your phone.


P app, another app for your privacy.

I n India, the government is also monitoring all the mobile phones connected to Internet.

A search for ‘android phones’ and ‘mobile internet’ on Google returns an app called Mobile Internet Privacy.

You can also look up its URL on Google Play.

How to disable an app you know collects location data and how to remove it.1)- Go to Settings and tap Apps.2-) Under Privacy (Security & Privacy), tap Managing and then Select Apps.3-) Under Disabling apps, tap Disable and tap OK.

How will my phone and apps track my movements, and how do I block them?1- Go to any mobile network in India.2- Navigate to the app ‘Google Maps’, and tap Settings.

Now, tap Privacy (security & privacy) and select Managed (Manage & Protect).3-) Tap ‘Stop all location data’, tap the button that says ‘Stop’.4-) Select your device from the list and tap Delete.

How can I turn off all Google Analytics tracking on Android?1)* Go to Analytics and tap Analytics.2)* Tap Privacy (Privacy & Security).3) Click Managed and select Disabling.4) Tap ‘Show me my Analytics data’.

What happens if I disable Google Analytics and Google AdWords advertising on Android devices?1)(If you disable both Google Analytics data and Google Ads data, Google Ads will track you in the future.

However you can turn off both.

You cannot remove ads from Google.

You may also delete ads from any Google product, like Google Maps.

However if you do, your device will continue to receive ads until you delete them.

You will also lose your data.2)(If a company has both Google Ads and Google Analytics on your Android device, it will not be able the data you are receiving from Google

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