New ‘smart’ purifiers are being deployed in Israel and elsewhere

Oct 10, 2021 Our research

An Israeli developer is developing a smart water purifying system that allows users to switch between clean and dirty water sources without worrying about which one is actually clean.

The system, called the Pusher, is being deployed to thousands of Israelis in the countrys biggest cities and towns.

It uses an advanced device to monitor and monitor water level, and displays a map of the city.

The Pusher can be programmed to switch to clean water, or vice versa, depending on the conditions.

It was developed by Israeli software developer Rami Al-Moussawi, who is also known for creating the world’s first solar-powered water purifiers.

“Water purification is a human rights issue in Israel, and we are very sensitive to that,” said Al-Omar, who founded the Israeli water purification company Rami, which is owned by the government.

“The water purger is not a device that can be used on a human scale.”

The Israeli company developed the PushingPusher in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Water.

The company has developed the water purifing technology in collaboration with Israeli research institutions.

“It’s a really simple device that uses sensors that measure water level and a device to switch it on and off,” Al-Moosawi said.

“I built the device myself, but I’m also in the process of building it with the help of scientists from Israel.”

A water purging device in use.

A water purificator is a device used to measure the water level in an area, and automatically switches on and on a water purifyr in order to provide clean water to residents.

The Pusher uses a sensor that measures the water levels in an apartment building.

The sensor is connected to an electronic board that can monitor the water supply, and switch the purifier on or off based on the current level.

The water levels of residents in a residential building can be monitored using a camera mounted on the front of the device.

The device is also equipped with a timer, which can automatically turn off the water in the purifying unit if the water meter shows a lower level of the water.

In the case of an emergency, the device can automatically switch to the clean water.

The smart water systems can be connected to the internet to ensure that users are connected to a water supply and not a sewage system, according to the company.

The company is working on other projects.

Al-MOosawi told The Jerusalem Report that the Pushed water purifies water in a number of other places, including an office building, a hospital and schools.

“We hope that people will adopt the Pushes and we will be able to distribute it to a lot of cities and the whole countrys infrastructure,” he said.

“The Pushed is the first time that a smart device is being developed for this purpose, and the Pushers are being used to water clean drinking water, to water treatment and sewage treatment,” he added.

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